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S.Korean national broadcaster powers cinematic collaboration with first-ever funding for Vietnamese film

The producer of the Vietnamese film ‘Chiem Doat,’ also known as ‘Black Rose’ in English, recently disclosed the preliminary details of this groundbreaking movie, which proudly stands as the first Vietnamese movie financed by the renowned South Korean national broadcaster Korean Broadcasting System (KBS).

‘Chiem Doat’ is a psychological thriller film that assembles a cast including Miu Le, Phuong Anh Dao, Lanh Thanh, Karik, Phuong Thanh, Luong Thuy Linh, and Trong Hai, with Thang Vu serving as the director, and co-written by screenwriters Tran Khanh Hoang, Choi Hyo Bi, and Kim Sang Woo.

Telling a story revolving around a babysitter named My coming to work for a rich young family, the movie takes the audience through the family members’ deep dark secrets as bonds start to form and trust builds in My.

While its anticipated release date is set for November 24, ‘Chiem Doat’ was met with favorable reception during its special screening on April 28 at the 2023 Jeonju International Film Festival, an annual Asian film festival held in South Korea to introduce independent and experimental films.

The movie represents a significant milestone as a pioneering Vietnamese film venture backed by KBS’ subsidiary KBS Media through a Vietnamese production unit, ERS Factory Company Limited.

This investment signals a progressive stride in the collaborative efforts between Vietnamese and South Korean cinema industries.

Previously, KBS Media provided funding for the production of ‘An Di Roi Ke,’ also known as ‘Delicious Drama Tour’ in English, a reality TV show that promotes Vietnamese-South Korean culture and cuisine by featuring artists from both nations.

Source: Bao Anh – Mi Ly / Tuoi Tre News

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