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Ăn Đi Rồi Kể - Official Trailer

Cooking competitions between Korean and Vietnamese Idols
Delicious Drama Tour, Vietnamese name is “Ăn đi rồi Kể”, is the first entertainment TV program with a comprehensive co-production between Vietnam and Korea. The program will be broadcast on KBS World (relayed at the local TV station system) and HTV. The program received the support and participation of KOCCA – a unit under the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

  • Produce: Le Dao Media (Vietnam) – Furmo DT (Korea)
    Media sponsorship: TikTok, Yeah1, KCrush, Hoping Showbiz
    Background: Mai House Sai Gon


Ăn Đi Rồi Kể - Delicious Drama Tour

“Eat Go Then Tell” is the connection and the expected “chemistry” of the guests who are Vietnamese artists/actresses/singers: Dai Nghia, Trinh Thang Binh, Dieu Nhi, S.T Son Thach, Kaity Nguyen, Puka, Gin Tuan Kiet, Hansara, Tung Maru,… and Korean stars including Oh My Girl, Momoland, AB6IX, male god Kim Min Kyu and other very special guests will be revealed soon. revealed. “Delicious Drama Tour” will be a culinary show with the constant companionship of Korean stars that promises to bring excitement to the audience.

Episode 1

In the spirit of “what the movie eats – I eat it”, episode 1 of Eat Go Then Tell introduces fried zucchini and Korean pancakes that appeared in the scene of the hit movie – “Let’s Eat“. Accompanying “food angel” Dieu Nhi – Trinh Thang Binh in the first episode are two dynamic girls from OH MY GIRL: Hyojung and Seunghee.

Episode 9

Eun Jung, Brian, Weki Meki, ONF, AB6IX, Kim Min Kyu, Momoland, Oh My Girl, Pentagon all called up Vietnamese Bun Cha. Receiving a new challenge from the famous Korean idol group, MC Dai Nghia, Dieu Nhi, Trinh Thang Binh and two guests Miss Do Thi Ha, player Duy Manh had the opportunity to go for a walk, explore Saigon and especially Show your talent with grilled meat vermicelli.

Behind The Scenes

The story has not been told, the story is finished! Summary of memorable moments in the show “Delicious Drama Tour”

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